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The Nursing and Midwifery Council exists to guard the general public. We repeat this by simply making certain that just those that meet our needs are permitted to practise being a midwife or nurse within the UK, or a medical associate in England. We do something if concerns are raised about whether a nursing assistant, nursing or midwife associate is fit to practise.

It really is from the legislation to claim become, or even practise because, a nursing assistant or midwife into the UK, or being a medical associate in England, if you should be instead of the appropriate element of our register.

It’s also a unlawful offense for anybody who, with intent to deceive, causes or permits somebody else to falsely express them as being from the register, or makes a false representation about them being regarding the NMC register.

An email with this type of the Code

All regulators review their Codes every once in awhile to be sure they continue steadily to mirror general public objectives. This brand new form of the Code is considerably like the 2015 version, nonetheless it happens to be updated to mirror our brand brand new duties for the legislation of nursing associates. In joining the register, nursing associates will uphold the Code.

The existing versions of y our Code, requirements and guidance can often be available on our site. Those on our register should cause them to become utilising the many up to date type of the Code.

To find out more concerning the Code, please go to: www.


The Code provides the expert requirements that registered nurses, midwives and nursing associates 1 must uphold. Nurses, midwives and medical associates must act based on the Code, whether or not they are providing direct care to people, teams or communities or bringing their expert knowledge to keep on medical 2 and midwifery practice in other functions, such as for example leadership, training, or research. The values and principles lay out into the Code could be used in a selection of various training settings, however they are maybe perhaps not discretionary or negotiable.

Our part is always to set the criteria into the Code, however these are not merely our criteria. These are the criteria that clients and people in the general public inform us they anticipate from health care professionals. They’ve been the requirements shown every time by those on our register.

Whenever joining our register, then renewing their enrollment, nurses, midwives and medical associates agree to upholding these requirements. This dedication to expert requirements is fundamental to part that is being of occupation. We could do something if those on our register fail to uphold the Code. In severe situations, this could add eliminating them through the register.

The Code sets away typical criteria of behaviour and conduct for many on our register. This allows a definite, constant and message that is positive patients, solution users and peers in what they are able to expect of the whom offer nursing or midwifery care.

The careers we regulate have various knowledge and abilities, lay out in three distinct requirements of proficiency. They could work with diverse contexts and also various degrees of autonomy and duty. But, all the vocations we regulate workout expert judgement and are in charge of their work.

Nurses, midwives and associates that are nursing the Code inside the limitations of these competence. This implies, for instance, that while a nursing assistant and medical associate will play different functions in a piece of care, they will both uphold the requirements within the Code in the share they generate to general care. The expert dedication to work within one’s competence is an integral underpinning principle associated with the Code (see area 13) which, because of the importance of its effect on general public security, must be upheld all the time.

In addition, nurses, midwives and medical associates are required be effective inside the limitations of these competence, that might expand beyond the requirements they demonstrated so that you can join the register.

The Code should really be helpful for everybody whom cares about good midwifery and nursing.

  • Clients and solution users, and the ones whom worry for them, may use it to supply feedback to nurses, midwives and nursing associates concerning the care they get.
  • Those on our register may use it to advertise safe and effective training in their workplace.
  • Company organisations should help their employees in upholding the criteria inside their Code that is professional as of supplying the quality and security anticipated by service users and regulators.
  • Educators may use the Code to aid pupils know very well what it indicates to be always an authorized professional and exactly how maintaining to your Code really helps to reach that goal.

For the numerous committed and expert professionals on our register, this Code should really be viewed as a method of reinforcing professionalism. Through revalidation, nurses, midwives and nursing associates provide proof of their continued capacity to effectively practise safely and. The Code is main towards the revalidation process being a focus for professional representation. This provides the Code importance into the life that is professional of on our register, and raises its status and value for companies.

The Code contains a number of statements that taken together signify just just what good practice by nurses, midwives and nursing associates appears like. It sets the passions of clients and solution users first, is secure and efficient, and encourages trust through professionalism.

1 anybody practising as a nurse that is registered midwife when you look at the UK, or a medical associate in England, needs to be registered with us. The nursing role that is associate used just in England.

2 we’ve utilized the expression ‘nursing’ in this document to apply straight to the work of nurses and nursing associates. Nursing associates are really a distinct occupation with their componenticular element of our register, however they are an element of the medical group.

Prioritise individuals

You add the interests of individuals using or requiring nursing or midwifery services first. You make their care and safety your concern that is main and certain that their dignity is preserved and their demands are recognised, evaluated and taken care of immediately. You create certain that those care that is receiving addressed with respect, that their legal rights are upheld and that any discriminatory attitudes and behaviours towards those getting care are challenged.

1 Treat individuals as individuals and uphold their dignity

To make this happen, you need to:

1.1 treat people who have kindness, compassion and respect

1.2 make certain you deliver the basics of care effortlessly

1.3 prevent making assumptions and recognise variety and choice that is individual

1.4 ensure that any treatment, care or assistance which is why you are accountable is delivered without undue wait

1.5 respect and uphold people’s individual liberties

The basic principles of care consist of, but they are not restricted to, nourishment, moisture, bladder and bowel care, real control and ensuring that those receiving care are held in neat and hygienic conditions. It provides ensuring that those getting care have actually sufficient usage of nourishment and hydration, and making certain themselves or drink fluid unaided that you provide help to those who are not able to feed.